How we can help

If you are having trouble paying your mortgage we will always try to help you.

The information below explains how we will support you and the steps you can take to help yourself.

We will
  • Contact you as soon as possible to discuss your problems.
  • Discuss all available options to see what is best for you.
  • Treat you fairly, listening to your individual circumstances.
  • Establish the extent of your financial difficulties. This may involve completing an income and expenditure statement with you.
  • Give you reasonable time to pay back the debt.
  • Ensure everything possible is done to help you remain in your home.
  • Inform you of free money advice services if you have debts with other providers.
What we can do
  • Arrange a new payment plan with you and periodically review this to reflect your current circumstances (Subject to assessment).
  • Change the way you make your payments, or the date you make them on.
  • In some cases allow you to pay your repayment mortgage back over a longer period (Subject to assessment).
  • Change the type of mortgage you have, for example temporarily converting your account to an interest-only basis could reduce your contractual payment (Subject to assessment).
  • In some cases use Assisted Voluntary Sale scheme to sell your property (Subject to assessment).
  • In some cases we will allow you to rent your property out (Subject to assessment).
  • Help you access free, independent and impartial advice.

If we can make one of these arrangements with you, we will explain how it would work and give you time to consider it. If we cannot offer you any of these options, we will of course tell you why. We might also agree to you remaining in the property to sell it yourself depending on your circumstances.

What you can do
  • Tell us as soon as possible if you are having problems repaying your mortgage or think that you might experience problems shortly. We want to help.
  • Seek free, independent and impartial advice. 
  • Take steps to understand how and when you spend money and complete a budget planner.
  • Make sure you keep any other people paying the mortgage and anyone guaranteeing the mortgage, up to date with what is happening.
  • Keep to the payment plan we agree with you, or tell us if there is a change in your circumstances, which may affect the arrangement.
  • Check whether you can get any state benefits or tax credits which could help to increase your income.
  • If you have an insurance policy such as payment protection, check whether it would help with your payments.
  • If applicable, ask us for our agreement to put tenants in your property. (Subject to assessment).
  • Tell us if you move to a new address and provide us with an up to date telephone number to make it easier to contact you.
How to contact us

Call our dedicated team on 0330 159 4850 (Lines are open 8-8pm Monday to Friday and 9-1pm Saturday)

If you would prefer to write to us to explain your situation, please ensure that you attach your NRAM account number with contact details and send this to:

NRAM Debt Management
PO Box 624

If you would like a family member, friend or debt organisation to discuss an account on your behalf please send authorisation in writing to the above address to confirm that you allow this person(s) to discuss your account.

Costs and charges

If you fall in to arrears with your mortgage repayments, we may charge you. Please refer to the Tariff of Charges and the Tariff of Charges - Arrears and Possession fees for further details.

Legal proceedings

If we cannot reach an agreement on a solution to help you clear your arrears, we may have to commence legal proceedings to repossess your home. However, this is always treated as a last resort.

If court proceedings are issued, we strongly recommend that you seek immediate independent legal advice and attend any court proceedings.

If your home is repossessed
  • We will obtain two independent valuations of the property and we will sell it for the best price within a reasonable amount of time.
  • If your circumstances change you may be able to take your property back subject to an assessment, please contact a member of our dedicated team to discuss your change in circumstances on 0330 159 4850. You must be in a stable job and have the resource to be able to pay back the arrears on the account.
  • We will use the money raised from selling your home to pay all loans and charges secured against your mortgage.
  • If there is any money left over this will go to any other second charges held on the property and then the remainder will be passed down to you.
  • If there is not enough money from the sale to pay off the mortgage, there will be an outstanding shortfall and the NRAM Recoveries Team will contact you discuss the outstanding balance once the property has been sold.
  • We will take account of your income and monthly expenditure when trying to arrange a suitable payment plan for this shortfall debt with you.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties you may think there is no way out and consider handing over the keys to your property. However if you do this, you will still remain liable for any outstanding debt on your mortgage. Before taking any action to hand over your keys to us, it is important that you discuss this option with us first, as we may be able to help you resolve the situation.