Letting your residential property

If you have a residential mortgage, your property should be used for residential purposes only. However, you may wish to let out your property for a short period of time if your circumstances change. Before you do, you must apply for permission to do so – it is a condition of your mortgage that you must have our consent to let your property.

We conduct regular checks to identify where our mortgage customers may be letting their property. Failure to notify us of letting your property is a breach of your mortgage contract and may lead to further action being taken.

How long can I let my property for?

We offer consent for a maximum of 12 months.

We do not offer long-term consent to let. If you wish to let your property for longer than 12 months you will need to move your mortgage to another lender who may be able to offer a suitable alternative product that would meet your needs. To see what deals are available please visit our DealFinder tool, or speak to an independent mortgage adviser.

How do I obtain consent to let my property?

To apply for consent to let your property you will need to complete an application form. Please contact us to request a form.

A final decision will be taken after you have submitted your request. Until you receive written consent from us there is no guarantee that we will grant Consent to Let. 

How much will it cost?

There is a fee payable to us for giving our consent to let your property. This is charged when we give consent and is non-refundable. The fee is dependent on the total current secured balance of your mortgage at the time of your request – to see the current fee structure please click here.

If we reject your application then any fees already paid will be refunded to you.