Changing your account details

It is important that you keep us updated of any changes to your personal circumstances that affect your mortgage with NRAM. Please contact us if you wish to discuss any changes, or see the information below.

Please note: if you have a NRAM Commercial mortgage, please contact our Commercial team

Change your name or address

To change your name or correspondence address details, you can contact us on 0330 159 1928.

Alternatively, you can print off and complete the relevant form below and return this to the address quoted on the document.

Request change of name

Request change of address

Request a change of parties

If as a result of a change in personal circumstances, such as marriage or divorce, you need to change the names of the people registered to your mortgage account, a change of parties can be requested. This can be complex and you will usually need to involve a solicitor, so you must call us to discuss this process.

Request third party authority

To enable a third party to discuss or request details of your mortgage account on your behalf, we must have a valid authority signed by all parties to your mortgage. This can be done by printing off and completing the form below and then returning it to the address quoted on the bottom of the form.

Third party request form

Any third party to whom authority is given will be unable to make material changes to your mortgage account, for example, changing personal or bank details. Any authority remains in place for the term of the mortgage unless you give notice that you wish that it is withdrawn.