Delinked loans

If you have moved your mortgage to another lender and have left the unsecured loan element as a stand alone loan with NRAM, then your loan is now referred to as delinked.

Please be aware that the interest rate on your delinked Together unsecured loan is charged at our standard variable rate plus an increase of 3%, 5% or 8%, depending on when you started your Together mortgage . Please refer to your original offer documentation for more information on the rate that applies to you.

Delinked loans do not have any Flexible Features, however you are still able to make penalty-free overpayments at any time.

If you would like to speak to us about your loan please do so on 0330 159 4663* and we will be happy to help with any queries or contact us by letter.

Mortgage/Together loan example

Switching your loan to one of the many personal loan deals available** at the moment (moving to a lower interest rate) means that you could save a considerable amount of money over the term of your loan.

Personal loans usually have to be repaid more quickly than a mortgage so your new monthly payment would probably be higher, but the long-term saving (paying your loan off more quickly) could make it worthwhile. And the higher monthly payment could be less than you think.

For example, a Together customer with a mortgage of £100,000, a loan of £15,000 (both still with NRAM) and a current interest rate of 4.79% with 15 years term remaining would be paying £60 per month on just their £15,000 loan.

If this customer moved just their mortgage to another lender, the interest rate on their (now delinked) NRAM loan would increase to as much as 12.79%, increasing their loan repayment from £60 to up to £188.

Switching the £15,000 loan to a 5 year deal elsewhere with an interest rate of 5.99% would mean a new repayment of £290 per month, which does sound like a big increase.

But the loan would be paid off a whole 10 years sooner, saving a whole £16,394 in interest payments.

** to find a new loan deal or check what rates are being offered, you could try one of the online search engines, such as: