NRAM customers are able to port their existing mortgage to a new property however they are unable to take additional borrowing. Please note that all NRAM porting applications should be submitted via a paper application form which can be located in Useful documents.

Subject to the terms and conditions of their current mortgage, some existing NRAM customers may move home whilst porting their existing mortgage deal. However, because NRAM no longer offers any additional lending, we are only able to 'port' the existing deal if the new mortgage is for the same value or less.

If your customer requires a larger loan or is seeking to raise additional funds when moving home, then they will need to move their mortgage to another lender as we cannot support them.

The porting process

This service is only available to intermediaries that are members of selected networks and clubs. Existing customers can also contact us directly on 0330 159 9610*. In order to port a mortgage you should print off and complete the appropriate porting application forms.